Федеральная Еврейская Национально-Культурная Автономия
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Federal Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy (FJNCA)

FJNCA’s mission is to help develop tolerance and civil society in Russia through effective cooperation with the government, strengthening of the Jewish community and establishing intercultural communication.

The aim of FJNCA is to preserve the culture of Jewish people as a nation, its ethnic and cultural heritage, to enhance Jewish social life, using the historical experience of Jewish communities, to preserve and develop Jewish culture, improve national education, make it possible for Jewish people to learn their languages, culture and art, preserve unique Jewish ethnicity, to promote peace, friendship and cooperation between peoples (according FJNCA charter).

FJNCA serves several purposes:
1. Preserving the ethnic culture of Jewish people and promoting its development; 
2. Further development of the national education, culture and arts, research in the sphere of JUDAICA; 
3. Preserving national Jewish traditions; 
4. Creating possibilities for Russian citizens of all nationalities to learn about the heritage of the Jewish people;
5. Support of the projects that will help build up and preserve Jewish communities in Russia;
6. Support of projects that are aimed at developing international cooperation.

In order to achieve its goals FJNCA:
- Promotes the study of Jewish cultural life; 
- Preserves Jewish national traditions; 
- Organizes different activities dedicated to national holidays and other important dates;
- Cooperates with government and social organizations, citizens of Russia and CIS; 
- Develops a data base that includes books, CDs, information on Jewish culture available for everyone interested; 
- Organizes meetings, marches and demonstrations on important dates in accordance with Russian law;
- Developed a system of educating Jewish children and adults so that they could learn Jewish languages, history, literature, philosophy and other subjects that are an integral part of Jewish cultural life;
- Holds forums, conferences, workshops and panel discussions;
- Opens libraries, clubs, museums, memorial and festival lectures, and other activities;
- Sponsors different cultural, educational, organizational and other activities; 
- Restores histirocal and cultural monuments and documents; 
- Recognizes  Russian citizens who have made considerable contribution in different spheres of Jewish life;
- Helps disabled and old people, and other Jews who need social support and assistance.

At the present time the following major directions may be determined: 
1. Support and development of the regional autonomies: 
effective infrastructural support of the regional autonomies; 
2. Visiting regional autonomies by top managers of FJNCA;
3. Active participation by the heads of FJNCA  in the Advisory Council of under the government of the Russian federation, in advisory and public councils under State Duma, Council of the Federation and Public Chamber; participation in work of Inter-departmental Commission for National Policy under the Russian federation government; communication with different ministries of the Russian federation: Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Foreign Afairs.
4. Assisting regional autonomies in infrustructure support, project development, and consulting; 
5. Support of start-up projects which promoting Jewish culture and languages:
- Interdepartmental Center of the Hebrew Language teaching
Further professional development for Hebrew teachers in order to improve Hebrew teaching in different institutions of Russian Federation and republics of the FSU, designing and implementing of the curriculum, serching for grants.
- Project E-club: “Tradition of Giving” 2006-2010. 
Engaging Jewish young adults aged 25-45 in the life of Jewish community; helping them find their identity  and develop leadership skills through participation in different charity activities.
6. Activities to establish intercultural communication and promote tolerance.
Discussing of the existing practice in the sphere of legislation which help develop tolerance in the Russian Society, intercultural and interethnic communication, i.e. seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops and conferences, supporing international projects.

Our contacts:
E-mail:   fenkar@rambler.ruinfo@fenkar.ru